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Join Team LoveHATE and Neu Era as we team up with our community once again for the 9th annual Sacramento Filipino Fiesta Charity Car Show.


Come out to display your ride while spending the day enjoying the food, music and rich Filipino culture with your family while helping raise money for community outreach.


This is an extremely exclusive event. 100% of proceeds will go toward the 501C3 organization, "Filipino Fiesta Sacramento". It is our goal to bring generations of car enthusiasts from all over together to share in their passion while taking in the festivals many attractions and cultural events.



Team NEU ERA started in 1994 created by Franz Reyes as a way to signify racers in the church we did that for a year. Then it formed into a full team of drag racers from all walks of life. Our team got into all things related to cars racing.

Our team has done drag drift autocross and shows. As our team got bigger it became more of a family then just some big team. We do it for the love and growth of the car culture community.



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