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Roll In Instructions

To the FFS Carshow

we would like to both congratulate and thank you for being accepted and for your participation in northern California’s largest charity car show, the Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento.

With the daily demands and lifestyles, we are thankful that you can find the time to come out, display your passion, and share your enthusiasm with other like-minded individuals.

Since you have already paid you have automatically been entered into a raffle contest. The main prize is an Xbox series X console. Other prizes will be announced on the day of the show. We will not be using raffle tickets this year, each of you will have a number and we will run a number generator at the end of the show before we give out awards.

Our Rules:


1)      If you can't make it. Tell us now. People want your spot. We will remember you.

2)      Roll in is between 8:30 and 10 am. Please do not pull into the staging area until then as you will be turned around. I would recommend chilling at Starbucks in the Walmart parking lot across the street. You can eat and take your morning coffee shit. I know I’m not the only one.

3)      No burnouts. It's grass, come on.

4)      Cars need to remain OFF as much as possible. If we tell you more than once, you will be

         disqualified. No, you don't get your money back.

5)      No ins and outs. The show is from 10 to 5. There is plenty to do. Enjoy it all. Plan

         on staying. Preparing to leave during trophies is okay, just watch what everyone else is doing. Please let staff know if there is an issue and we will do our best to guide you out.

6)      No BBQing. We have plenty of food vendors.

7)      No refunds. Period. If you don’t win, it’s not our fault.

8)      Unless you are a vendor or have a special agreement with us, no selling.

9)      If you want to park with your friends, show up with them. Simple.

10)   Tents. Tents are allowed. It will be hot, and we aren’t cruel. Please wait till roll-in is

         Completed in your area before erecting your tent. The DJ’s will be making an announcement as well.

11)   Please enjoy and respect each other. The car community has been given a bad rep over the last few years from meets and sideshows because that’s what the news likes to talk about. We are hosting this show to give all the newcomers a taste of a positive vibe scene.


Here is a map of where you will be staging.

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