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The Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento (FFS) is A 501C3 non-profit organization managed by representatives from six (6) Filipino

American community organizations namely:


    Filipino Community of Sacramento & Vicinity
    Filipino American Veterans Association
    Filipino American Womens Club
    Sinag-tala, SFPTAA
    The Ilocanos of America
    UP Alumni Association

Together these organizations work in cooperation, friendship and mutual support to showcase the Filipino American history and culture through educational and cultural activities.

FFSs major event is the annual Filipino Fiesta that is held during the 1st Sunday of June to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day.

The Filipino Fiesta of Sacramento:

Seeks to bring the different generations together to teach, learn and share Filipino American history and culture.
Will work on joint educational and cultural activities with organizations in the broader Sacramento community.
Help promote better relations among the youth and community as a whole by sponsoring events and activities regarding advancement of performing arts, sports, public health and safety.

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